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Stop Failing Challenges & Verifications

Yes! We will pass any prop firm Challenge & Verification phase for you in less than 30 days! 
Stop Losing money on Prop Challenges and Verification Phases
You can now Directly trade the funded account by subscrbing to our " Process"

95% Fail Prop Firm Evaluation Phase., Yes. To pass the evaluation,  in the given time is practically impossible unless you have the required skills. Prop firms ends up making huge monies out of your failed challenges. Stop being a victim and use our services. 

We will pass the evaluation phase for you or else we refund the evaluation fee and the service charges.Yes, you heard it right!

How we Do It?

We have been in the industry for the last few years and understand how it works. It is the process that works in the business of trading. The process is all about a disciplined approach towards the market with a combination of proper money and risk management. 

Our process will help you pass the challenge & verification phases. You have every right to use our resources to overcome this phase irrespective of what prop firm says. Unless the prop firms only motive is to make money out of your failed evaluations. Stop being a victim of Prop Firms.

You have every right to equip yourself with the required tools and team to enhance your trading business. 

We take responsibility in making your dreams come true.


To assist trader to bypass the phase which is critical in becoming a funded trader.


Provide excellent services, create an ecosystem with valuable collaborations and mutually beneficial relationship among our partners. 


Become the Partner of choice for the traders community and improve others lives through our services


Our resources is a gift to the world. We add value.



It is indeed a very responsible job. Unfortunately this space is full of scammers. They operate without office, without business registrations, without required tools and resources, without agreements and invoices.  Most importantly , they don't take the responsibility. Believe in the process and a disciplined approach.

We take the responsibility of passing the evaluation phases. In the event we don't in the first attempt, we will pass it in the next attempt at our own cost. In any case , full amount including the challenge will be refunded if we fail. We don't fail as long as we are in the process. Trading is all about being in the process. 


As of now we don't manage funded accounts. 

We manage passing of evaluation phases of FTMO, My Forex Fund, TFT, E8 and The Smart Prop Trader.

Our Resources


Pass Challenge& Verification


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