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Never risk your capital.

Trade for the best proprietary trading firms across the globe.

Upto 90% profit share. They will take care of losses.

Zero Risk !!

Yes! Do you have the trading skills? Pass the prop firms evaluation and get funded! Trade up to USD 600000.  Get paid unto 90% of the profits. 

Its time you participate with the most rewarding industry with the least risk.


Reputed prop firms are funding traders in millions. Yes, pass their evaluation and get funded. Time has changed. You don't ever need to worry about capital or putting your own capital at risk. You could earn upto 90% of the profits. They will take care of the losses.

You need to understand that most of them fail in trading. Upto 95% of them. The stats remain the same with evaluations. It is not because the markets or business is complex, it's simply because they lack trading skills. Trading is 70% Psychology, 20% Risk Management and 10% Strategy.

Develop the right skills and trust the process, the rest will take care by itself.

Expectation Management

Expectation management is important. It has to be realistic. Let's do a simple math. 

Earning 2% on your capital in trading is a decent realistic expectation. 

If you qualify to trade a capital of 200000 USD from any of the reputed prop firms, while you keep a realistic expectation of 2%, you would make 4000 USD as profits. You are entitled for 90% of the profit. That is 3600 USD. Doesn't it make sense? While you look at making 2%, you would generally be a safe trader where your risk management is place. 

As you grow in this industry, capital is plenty. You are considered to be the God of market if your can deliver 20% per annum. 

The whole idea is to bring huge amount of capital under management and having a realistic expectation. 


To assist trader to bypass the phase which is critical in becoming a funded trader.


Provide excellent services, create an ecosystem with valuable collaborations and mutually beneficial relationship among our partners. 


Become the Partner of choice for the traders community and improve others lives through our services


Our resources is a gift to the world. We add value.


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