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We simply believe in the process.

About Us

                                                                  Our Story


FGC is  hatched one morning by two entrepreneurs .They were discussing about how wonderful it would be to have a place where trading community could comfortably  establish their proprietary trading business and develop their skills .

  They discussed the convenience of having resources like a dedicated ecosystem for trader, access to capital from prop firms, office and supportive IT infra, tools and software's, mentors and a platform  where they could build a sustainable profitable trading business trading .


FGC was born.

                                                              What we say

Trading has always been a lucrative business. Having said that, we shouldn't forget to mention that we have heard a lot of them have lost their hard earned money. Who do you attribute this failure to? To trading business or to the one who was trading without any risk management ? If only he had not risked all his money in one trade or few trades or he had a trading plan, he wouldn't have lost. Trading is a process oriented business. Consciously do a research on this and you will know why people have lost money. Most of them venture into trading business like gamblers. Either they are undercapitalized, lack of risk management, lack of trading plan, unrealistic expectations, lack of resources and knowledge. 

We see a lot of proprietary trading firms across the globe looking at talented traders. Obviously reputed ones like FTMO, 5%ers, Audacity Capital and couple of them are doing consistently well over a period of time. They have their own business models. They allow traders to trade their capital on profit sharing basis. We want everyone to make use of this opportunity and create a second line of income which would take care of your financial needs. 

                                                                  What we do..

We at FGC, primarily we only want to create awareness and provide all the required information to the community interested in establishing themselves in the business of trading. We also  provide professional services for our clients to establish their trading business along with the required resources. Whether it is the capital to trade, trading education, risk management, business setup, we will participate to add value to you to establish your proprietary trading business. its is basically "From Traders To Traders"

Why join FGC?

Being part of FGC  is more than just a career opportunity - it could be a life-changing experience. We CARE for every single individuals globally.

We have the vision to expand our presence globally and make a positive impact for the communities and markets.

FGC -Collective Write Up

Funding Traders & Growth Program


FGC help you create a structured and achievable trading process.

Are you starting out or already have the experience? Either way, you are the trader that we are looking for! Ignite your professional trading career by partnering with us. Your winnings are easily attainable and only an arm’s length away from turning you into an expert trader along with assisting you in managing your business while you learn. Here is the opportunity to execute large trading positions with extra capital flow and less financial stress. Through our funding partners, We give our traders the capacity to work with a range of position sizes, where profits are real money, virtually unlimited and provide a stable income monthly.

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