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Our Vision & Mission

To establish a platform for trading community that helps them build their business by integrating all the required resources.

Start your trading business without risking your own capital.

We often hear a lot of them losing money in the business of trading. Lets not attribute that loss to a beautiful business like trading. People lose capital only because they trade without proper risk management or unrealistic expectation. This is an opportunity of a life time. Now you can profit from trading a prop firms capital. Prop firms around the world are looking for disciplined traders worldwide to manage their capital. They are creating Job opportunities on Profit Sharing Model. The task is to pass the evaluation by demonstrating your trading skills and they will rewards you with a funded account.  Any profits earned on that account will be split 70:30. You would keep 70%. They will take care of the losses if any. Check out any of our affiliate funding partners to understand their business model.

But how do you participate? We have designed a program through our experience where we will put you in the process. It is as simple as renting an office from us and the rest is taken care.





Proprietary Trading Firms

A good proprietary trading firm  provide the capital, proprietary technology, training, coaching and mentoring you need to become an elite trader. With the improvement in technology, many prop firms are offering remote opportunities.

There is a lot of skepticism about how a proprietary firm functions and their source of capital. Their source of funds could be private and self owned funds and also from the fee they charge for the evaluation and education content. It is purely their business model which dont come with complete disclosures. So long as they are paying on the terms agreed, it shouldn't be a problem to a retail trader.

However what is more important is to prepare yourself to take up the task which is given by the prop firms to pass the evaluation and to trade well within the parameters of the prop firm to be successful.

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